Video tutorial

Video tutorial (5)

It is long since we promised to make real projects available for downloading together with video-illustrations of Easy Trace functioning. These projects are examples that enable you to do everything you have seen in the video.

Every set comprises a video, a detail instruction, and an Easy Trace project. Now, we start publishing the second edition of instructions to video-lessons.

  • Start of work in Easy Trace Pro
  • Project creation
  • Extraction of the "black" image
  • Grid recognition
  • Block recognition
  • Vectorizing of the road network
  • Extraction of the "blue" image
  • Swamp recognition
  • Forming and correctionof swamp polygons
  • Lake recognition
  • Vectorizing of the river network
  • Topology control
  • Optimization of results
  • Extraction of relief-related lines from a color image
  • Vectorizing of relief contours and special elements
  • Shape optimization for relief elements
  • Matching of relief contours and elements
  • Shape optimization for relief contours
  • Topology check-up
  • Attribution of contour lines to different layers
  • Check-up of relief structure
  • Input of Z settings
  • Automatic input of altitudes
  • Manual input of altitudes
  • Z check-up
  • River orientation