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digitization of Murmansk region

Map digitizing service

For over 19 years we have been worging on the same task - developing and applying cartographic materials digitizing tools. We met all kinds of material for this time - cities, factories, pipelines, topological foundations of large areas. Maps of Russia, Kazakhstan, Bosnia, Japan, Thailand and even maps of the lunar surface ...

Digitization samples

There are not all the projects ever done by ourselves. Rare customers agree to publish information about their projects, so it's only a small part..



Training in digitization technologies

- Can you play the violin?
- Don’t know, I have never tried...

Well, nobody takes this old joke seriously when speaking about playing, but it’s not all that simple for software. There is always an illusion that it can be learnt by means of user guide reading or in the hit-and-miss fashion.

Our trainee

Companies whose representatives have taken the course "Digitization of cartographic materials with Easy Trace Pro"

June 2013

Support Systems Limited, Lagos, Nigeria

Image processing

Our company offers a new service – image preprocessing for digitization and primary treatment of generated vector data.

It remains a puzzle for us why our users stumble over image preparing most often. Common editing of photos like white balance improvement of color correction seems much more complicated. Anyway, image preparing and processing of raw vector data are essential, and total time of project execution may differ by several times depending on results of these initial operations.

There is nothing mystical in it, no arcane knowledge - only our experience. It is quickly and at a reasonable price. We may either process all your images or use one of them to prepare processing technology for you. Contact us about this special offer!

Examples of image preparing and vector data pretreatment may be found in the “Repository of ET Technologies” item of the Technologies menu.

Execution of several simple steps prepares the image for digitizing and subsequent vector processing with utilities. You may do it by yourself, or we may adjust the process to your material.

Examples of process chains are here:

To order the service, contact us and send image samples together with information about vector objects to be extracted.