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Map digitizing service

digitization of Murmansk regionFor over 19 years we have been worging on the same task - developing and applying cartographic materials digitizing tools. We met all kinds of material for this time - cities, factories, pipelines, topological foundations of large areas. Maps of Russia, Kazakhstan, Bosnia, Japan, Thailand and even maps of the lunar surface ...

Some of the completed digitization projects can be found here. Rare customers agree to publish information about their projects, so it's only a small part.

Why is it worth to work with us

We accomplish the job. Always. Even when we bear losses. Our price is lower. It is natural because:

  • we are focused on map digitizing for over 19 years;
  • we are not go-betweens;
  • we have our own digitizing tool and adjust it for every big project;
  • we do not bear inconceivable metropolitan expenditures for salary and rent of space;
We have never been blamed for low quality of the work during these years.

What does the customer receive

First and FREE - a small sample project. Basing on this real material, the customer defines more exactly all specifications and demands.

After co-ordination of requirements, timing, and price, the customer receives well digitized united or arranged together vector material with correct topology and introduced attributive data.

We process very different source materials - images or hard copies on films, paper, cardboard, aluminum.. Initial data may be of any scale, content, and quality (the latter is quite pitiable sometimes...)

Digitized data may be delivered in the following formats: DWG, DXF (AutoCAD), DGN (InterGraph), GEN (ArcInfo), MDB (ArcGIS), SHP (ArcView), MIF (MapInfo), TOP (Credo), CSV.

About prices

digitization of Karaganda city To ask about price per map sheet is as good as to call a shop and ask a price per a pair of shoes. We haven't seen yet equal materials and requirements excluding the case of work continuation with the same customer. Even so, raster materials may differ significantly.

To charge a price without careful examination of material and preliminary specifications means to be wide of the mark. Or rather to pick the pocket of the customer trying to avoid robbing ourselves. We can reasonably estimate the price only after we have obtained further insight into the project i.e. fulfilled test processing.

The way of price estimation

  • You submit us a sample of your material and processing requirements. We fulfill processing of the test project free of change and form a list of questions.
  • The next step is establishment of final processing requirements considering your answers and remarks about the "pilot" project.
  • Additionally you send us all raster files or (if impossible) their reduced strongly compressed copies.
  • We calculate total labor expenditures (price) considering one of the test project, condition and load of the rasters and terms of project fulfillment.
  • All the following is our doing.


We can suggest speeded up accomplishment of urgent projects because:

  • we use the Easy Trace Pro software;
  • we have a large group of experienced operators equipped with professional devices;
  • we can hire for digitizing senior students who have already worked with us. Our long experience in training and accomplishment of urgent projects enables quick forming of large groups consisting of 70 and more operators. For example, digitizing of the entire Karaganda city map took only two months.
We guarantee high performance because:
  • the Easy Trace Pro digitizing software is a full-service complex for data preparing with integrated powerful tools of QC;
  • we rely on sharp-cut techniques of work dividing into simple components, constant control over their fulfillment and effective check-up of the final result;
  • we necessarily and free accomplish a test project before we take the order and clarify all the details of future work.