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Easy Trace Pro upgrade

All Easy Trace Pro legal users have the right to get free technical support including free upgrade of the package during one year from the purchase date. It means that at any moment you may upgrade the package up to a later version released during one year after buying.

Below there is a list of ET versions available for downloading from our site. It contains all versions ever released up to Easy Trace Pro 8.0. The Easy Trace 7.99 version is identical to ET 7.95 except for some debugging and removed demo-version restrictions. At that, Easy Trace Pro 7.99 is absolutely free. If you don't know the purchase date for some reason, use the protection key number to determine up to what version your package may be upgraded free of charge.

Apply for technical support in case of downloaded upgrade malfunction and we shall solve the problem.

Up to what version can I get free upgrade?

The last four digits of the key number:

Complete list of Easy Trace Pro versions