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et.LOG file

Contains information about crashes and error messages occurred during the program execution. We strongly recommend to send us this file to make determination because much easier to determine the causes incorrect operation. It can be found in the program folder (usually C: \ Program Files \ Easy Trace Group \ Easy Trace 9.2 Pro , the version number may differ).

TechInfo.txt file

Provides information about the system in which the program is installed. Any problems you encounter can be explained by the usual lack of memory, some incompatibility with the operating system and so on. This file is also located in the program folder. If not, you should run the Easy Trace and select Help menu -> System Information. Opened file will be automatically saved in the program folder. Also you can save it to any convenient location with Save As.

In case of problems with execution of Easy Trace Group products you can get free technical assistance directly from developers.

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