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Free versions Easy Trace Pro 7.99 and 8.65

The Easy Trace Pro package is justly considered to be one of the most convenient and powerful means for vector map generation and editing. The program supports export and import to / from most popular GIS formats (ArcINFO, ArcView, AutoCAD, Credo, MapInfo, MicroStation.

Download Easy Trace v 7.99 Pro FREE (downloaded )

Download Easy Trace v 8.65 Pro FREE (downloaded )

And these are characteristics of the project we managed to execute applying Easy Trace Pro 7.7 – an even earlier version of the program than ET 7.99 available for free downloading now.

Vectorizing of Karaganda city maps

Easy Trace version: 7.7
Scale: 1 : 2000
Map sheet size: 50x50 cm
Total sheet number: 436
Vector layer number: 13
Digitized object number: 321 238
Attributive record number: 1 407 091
Target GIS: ArcGIS
Operator number: 25
Execution time: 2 months
Price per map sheet: 70USD

We didn't stay steel during subsequent 5 years of course. The latest version of Easy Trace comprises a lot of useful innovations including:

  • multithreading;
  • convenient tools for editing of topologically connected objects rather than individual vertices;
  • utilities for automatic object recognition;
  • utilities for topological structure control and automatic correction;
  • ..and a lot of other abilities.

If you want to save time and money, read the article describing how to do it by means of the latest Easy Trace Pro version.

And make the right choice!