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Easy Trace Pro 12.0.2618

New utility Build Line by Geodata

Menu Utilities.

The utility builds lines on the base of field data – coordinates of points or "direction + distance" pairs, where direction may be represented by an azimuth or rhumb value. Source data may be set manually or loaded from a text file. Change of data form (coordinates, azimuths, rhumbs) causes automatic data conversion in the table.

New utility Detect Peaks along Lines

Menu Utilities->Imagery Processing.

The utility is developed for working with DSM images (Digital Surface Models). It detects local maximums within bands of a user-specified width along lines on the source layer and generates points at them on the target layer. The utility is primarily intended for recognition of tree crowns in line plantings (and therefore tree counting).

Compound Tool

  • Tool selection in the Additional Options dialog box may be done not only by hot key specifying but from a pop-down menu as well (so far the menu comprises User Tools and the Polygonal Crop command).
  • Image cropping is excluded from the set of operations available for Compound Tool as interface of the command is in conflict with the tool conception. Cropping may be added through the Message dialog box + Additional Tools (hammer) button.
  • The former Additional Options / Message dialog boxes divided in two. Connection between tools and messages may be created in the Message dialog box as before (click the hammer button), whereas an individual dialog box is now provided for dealing with all messages as a single RTF-file.
  • The hammer button in the Message dialog box is dimmed when you edit a comment on a utility.
  • The dialog box for editing of all messages opens when you click the hammer button on the Command Bar of the main Compound Tool dialog.
  • The RTF-file of messages will be opened in WordPad by default rather than in the registered application as World damages the document. There may be problem if WordPad is not installed on your computer.
  • The bug is corrected: an obscure system message could appear at selection of the Create Group command.
  • The bug is corrected: the tool didn’t save settings of the Duplicate Image command at image format change for TIF.
  • The bug is corrected: the tool didn’t save settings of image merging specified in the Image Combining dialog box.
  • The bug is corrected: topological utilities "unselected themselves" (cleared their tick boxes) after a user break or error.
  • Technology Repository

  • The bug is corrected: user-created example projects inherited information about working time and the list of working sessions from the base example project.
  • Autodetect Dot Lines utility

  • The bug is corrected: blocking of Preview button at the second step if the button was not clicked before dot-to-dot distance specifying on the screen. The user had to return to the previous step or to change the parameter manually.
  • Autodetect Point Symbols utility

  • Smoothing control parameters are added to the Advanced Parameters Bar – width of image lines and length of the smoothing filter.
  • Controls for shape detection (holes/bays) are changed – now these are fields rather than sliders.
  • Reset to default button is added, which changes all parameter values for standard ones.
  • The bug is corrected: abnormal end of task at selection of one pixel as a pattern.
  • The bug is corrected: an isolated pixel could be captured by frame only.
  • Autodetect Grid utility

  • The bug is corrected: processing of X-joins didn’t function.
  • Line Form Optimization utility

  • The bug is corrected: the program didn’t decrease filter length for small contours. Sometimes it could even cause abend.
  • The bug is corrected:  spline filter degree was 3 rather than 2.
  • Breakup Joining utility

  • Taking of line width into account at line direction determining is improved (didn’t function well for thin lines).
  • The bug is corrected: change of additional parameters didn’t activate Preview button. Now, recalculation starts at once, like as at change of other settings.
  • Transform Data utility

  • The bug is corrected: TAB-file could not be specified for transformation, the program wrote that the corresponding image was missing in the project.
  • Create Polygons utility

  • The bug is corrected: incorrect functioning of the Do not create copies of existing base polygons option. The program failed to create all polygons and added boundaries of existent polygons into unused line list.
  • Buffer Zone Generation utility

  • Some bugs in the algorithm of zone generation are corrected to improve exactness. The utility failed to create the polygon sometimes at small width values and use of dense lines. The situation is much better now but some problems may occur still. This is also true for the Band Polygon tool.
  • The bug is corrected: the number of generated polygons in the final message corresponded to the number of source objects, with no allowance made for a failure.
  • Information about uncreated zones is added to the final message; besides, the program marks corresponding source lines.
  • Tracers

  • The Request attributes at Object Creating option (Object Attributes dialog box) is altered – it opens the dialog box only at line closing if the layer is polygonal.
  • The bug is corrected: the last closed contour disappeared at selection of another tracer if the Catch Recently Incomplete Line option was on.
  • Shift/Resize Polyline tool

  • The bug is corrected: the tool exited smart mode if several lines were selected as it didn’t support group editing.
  • Description in the check-box is corrected.
  • Navigation by error marks is provided for smart mode (it wasn’t earlier on an unclear reason).
  • Add/Relink Image

  • The bug is corrected: selection of an external reference file of TAB format caused returning to the selection of image linking method from the Correction page and then program crash.
  • The bug is corrected: adding of several images (black-and-white or indexed) with correction caused opening of several dialog boxes with suggestion to convert the image in True-Color. In this case, only the upper dialog box was active, and the program hung.
  • Reset of reference point input method to the default value is disabled. Now, the project remembers the last selected method.
  • Image operations

  • In case of black-and-white images with very big margins (e.g., rotated at an angle of 45 deg.), automatic determining of the background color made it impossible to get rid of the margins. The only workaround was imprinting of tailored polygons – most ineffective way indeed. So, the Auto-detect the background color of black-and-white images is now an option on the Settings -> Images -> General Settings page. It is on by default. When switched off, the background is black.
  • In the Create Image utility, the DPI setting field is replaced with the spacial resolution (pixel size) setting.
  • Project Properties, Time Accounting

  • Check for changes and a warning are added at dialog box closing by Cancel. Previously, users often lost their comments in this way.
  • Project creating on the base of an image with use of a TAB file for registration

  • Message about unsupported units (e.g. - degrees) is corrected – it could puzzle.
  • Raster displaying by Z

  • The option is grayed if suitable images are missing.
  • When activated, it suggests to customize Z (unless it is already done). By default, the program calculates approximate Z-range by values of the image.
  • Progress indication is added and some bugs corrected.
  • Dynamic Magnifier – default values are changed

  • Use dynamic magnifier: ON
  • Hot key: Ctrl+Alt
  • Diameter: 300 screen pixels
  • Magnification ratio: 1000 %
  • Slow down the mouse: 10, OFF
  • Miscellaneous

  • DXF import, the bug is corrected: incorrect reading of  files with UTF8 coding.
  • The Previous Position command is added to the View menu. The command exists for a long time and is extremely useful but not many operators use it, as it was available through Hot Key Settings only and attributed to the Project View Modes section. Now, the program hot key may be specified in the Project Navigation section.
  • The bug is corrected, which could cause abend at move to the next error mark in several tools.
  • It was impossible to open the Object Attributes dialog box for objects of a frozen layer. Now, the dialog opens in the read-only mode.
  • A right click on the Thematic View button in the View Modes Bar opens the Attribute Domain Setup dialog box. Domain selection follows the order: the current layer first; if no thematic view is specified for it, check all other visible layers.
  • The utility for imagery loading (Yandex-maps, Google-maps) is restored.

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