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Easy Trace 9.2 1995

  • The Search for Lines tool is deeply refined. For more details see Help topic about the tool.
  • A “cover” image is usually applied at digitization of color maps for the process visual control. The cover is a copy of the source material converted into the 256-color mode and darkened a little to make vector objects more distinct. All operations required for cover forming are now combined into one utility.  
  • Performance capabilities of the Ortho-Tracer are enlarged. It is possible now to use continuations of previously generated edges as guides and form new orthogonal contours more precisely.  
  • The Copy Attributes utility is developed for copying between objects of different types. For now, it can only copy text into attributes of the nearest point object. For example, you may use the utility to transfer text inscriptions of elevation values into attributes of corresponding elevation marks. Optionally, the utility marks text objects that have no univocally corresponding points.
  • Filtering of adhesions, bridges, and X-joints (the Raw Line Filtering utility) is improved. The degree of parallelism in line pairs has become the criterion for bridge distinction from adhesions and bridges.
  • The Local Contrast Enhancement utility is revised. Its new algorithm is based on object / background local segmentation into pixels. Explanation of every option is added at the bottom of the dialog box.
  • Spline mode of the Curvilinear Tracer is improved. Previously used two-step approach was found incomprehensible and hard to control. Now, every step adds a segment of the curve. The bend of the current curve may be changed with the help of the mouse wheel at CTRL key pressed. Additionaly, it is possible to change position of the “hump” with the mouse wheel keeping SHIFT pressed. See video in the Video-examples section.
  • The Subject Layer Extraction utility has become more flexible – a slider is added for adjustment of the threshold separating black and white.
  • Rasterize Vector Data utility is improved – all non-frozen layers are accessible for selection now (rather than only visible layers as it was earlier). Selection of a switched off layer makes it visible. Besides, the utility suggests you to switch off the layers that hamper representation of selected one.  
  • Interface of the Autodetect Lines and Extraction of Polygon Edges utilities is improved. Descriptions of available options appear at the dialog box bottom when you navigate the cursor to these options.
  • Debugging

  • The bug is corrected – artifacts appeared at editing of indexed images that contained pixels beyond the palette.
  • The bug is corrected that caused incorrect screen output of deselected objects.
  • The bugs of copying / move / deletion / import of mask filters are corrected.
  • The bug is corrected – the “rubber band” cursor of tracers in the copying mode disappears now if copying of a line fragment (depicted in bright green) is possible. Its presence on the screen caused incorrect interpretation of further actions.
  • ИLog forming is corrected for the Local Contrast Enhancement utility.
  • The bug is corrected – cancel of vector data transformation during image correction could cause program starvation or fall.
  • The bug is corrected – the program didn’t suggest project saving if only attributes were changed during the working session.
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