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Free Easy Trace Pro 8.65 version

Since 2015, the Easy Trace PRO version 8.65, surpassing by far the deservedly popular ET 7.99, has become free. This vectorizer contains already some key elements of the modern automatic digitization technology. The Camber Editor. the Vector Eraser, the Lines Filtering utilitu - all this became free. We even added a new option for direct interactive digitization of color images.

What good will it be to us? It's simple: we already have a new generation vectorizer. Comparison of the latest ET version with the free one is pointless - this is the next level. Rather than compared, the versions should be used together.

There is always some manual work in any serious digitization project, and this piece of work may be successfully executed on the free 8.65 version.

One new ET license is sufficient to load work on two or three dozens of Easy Trace 8.65 operators. Besides, it will collect, check, and merge the results of their work into a single whole. As a result, contribution of the new vectorizer to the common project will be over half.

On top of all, new possibilities of such a symbiosis of technologies will allow you to undertake projects that you consider now unprofitable or inadequate. To undertake – and to make a profit.

Comparison of free 7.99 and 8.65 versions is here.

Download Easy Trace v 8.65 FREE

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