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About us

The company was established in 1993; it specializes in the field of software development for Windows. At present, our most significant software is the Easy Trace commercial program package for converting of scanned maps to vector formats for mapping, GIS (geographic information systems), CAD, and other applications. More than 3500 working places in 24 countries are equipped with Easy Trace today.

According to expert evaluation, the package has the leading market share in the domestic market and has been repeatedly rewarded with the status of the best domestic product in the field of geoinformatics.

The second Easy Trace Group's important activity is the offshore development of custom software. We specialize in developing of custom software adapted to information systems of large companies with geographically distributed commercial business. As an example, one of the applications contains more than 100.000 lines of tt and works with a database consisting of more than 200 tables.